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Post  Snake on Sat Dec 13, 2008 5:40 pm

On this particular topic this is where we (the Dev Team) will particularly try to bribe (*cough*) ... convince people into joining TAOW's forums Laughing, as The Art of War mod grows, so do the demands of releasing it as soon as possible, the team created these forums to "centralize" all action surrounding TAOW (think of the forums as "TAOW's Command Center" / "Headquarters", and our profiles on several sites like Moddb as our "secondary branches").

I Want YOU to Join! TAOWSam

By joining the forums people are able to "directly" communicate with the team (to suggest new ideas for the project, helping us, communicating how much you don't love us lol!, etc.).

I Want YOU to Join! TAOWEinstein

In addition, the TAOW team will create unique member-only content (like unique Work in Progress model images, updates, specific information, etc.) which will be released publicly later on.
Specially notorious is the specific vehicle information and our unique vehicle table which is the most public up-to-date TAOW vehicle information topic we have ever released (it will eventually be released for full public view, but at the moment it's still being completed).
Eventually the team will also release special Artwork material, etc. for download.

I Want YOU to Join! TAOWSmillie

About this particular "Forum-Dedicated Topics" forum, this is where we will create some special threads which will name all our changes (Forum News), topic additions, updates, etc. on the forum (so people can be up-to-date with all the changes).

Also this forum will serve as a multipurpose thread, there will be many topics here which will talk about many kinds of topics/issues.

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