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Post  Snake on Sat Dec 13, 2008 6:44 pm

As you may have noticed, this forum haves a "Rank System", the ranks are based upon how many replies a certain user posts (Minimum Posts).

A higher rank means that the user is an avid member of the forum community (and is generally more respected, specially depending on the posted content king 8) ).


There are basically two separate types of ranks:

- Standard Ranks: The standard ranks are always achievable by the number of Minimum Posts (more posts = higher rank);

- Special Ranks: These are generally used to identify members of the staff (Administrators, Moderators, TAOW Team Members, etc.) or members which were banned (temporarily or permanently Evil or Very Mad ).


Special Ranks

Rank Title
General of the Army
Rank Thread GeneralAdmin
Administrator Rank
Rank Thread General-2
Moderator / TAOW Team Rank
Rank Thread DisgracePatch-1
Banned Member


Standard Ranks (Ascending Order)

Rank Title
Minimum Posts
(No Insignia)
0 Posts (Registered Member)
Rank Thread Private
1 Post
Private First Class
Rank Thread PrivateFirstClass
5 Posts
Rank Thread Corporal
10 Posts
Rank Thread Sergeant
20 Posts
Staff Sergeant
Rank Thread StaffSergeant
30 Posts
Sergeant First Class
Rank Thread SergeantFirstClass
50 Posts
Master Sergeant
Rank Thread MasterSergeant
80 Posts
First Sergeant
Rank Thread FirstSergeant
100 Posts
Sergeant Major
Rank Thread SergeantMajor
150 Posts
2nd Lieutenant
Rank Thread 2ndLieutenant
200 Posts
1st Lieutenant
Rank Thread FirstLieutenant-1
350 Posts
Rank Thread Captain-2
500 Posts
Rank Thread Major-2
800 Posts
Lieutenant Colonel
Rank Thread LieutenantColonel-2
1000 Posts
Rank Thread Colonel-2
1250 Posts
Brigadier General
Rank Thread BrigadierGeneral-2
1500 Posts
Major General
Rank Thread MajorGeneral-2
2000 Posts
Lieutenant General
Rank Thread LieutenantGeneral-2
2500 Posts


"The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his." -- George Patton
General of the Army [Administrator]
General of the Army [Administrator]

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