LV - M1114 'CROWS II' [OLD]

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LV - M1114 'CROWS II' [OLD] Empty LV - M1114 'CROWS II' [OLD]

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M1114 'CROWS II'

(Common Remotely Operated Weapon System)

The CROWS II-equipped M1114 is a higher class Humvee which can be unlocked for higher ranking players, the main upgrade is the Remote Weapon Station (RWS) which will allow the gunner to accurately and safely engage targets from inside the vehicle (the soldier won't be directly exposed to enemy fire).

LV - M1114 'CROWS II' [OLD] HumveeCrows-1



Variant 1
Variant 2
M312 (XM312) Heavy Machine Gun
M307 (XM307) Advanced Crew Served Weapon (ACSW) Grenade Machine Gun
.50 Caliber (12.7 x 99mm NATO)
25 x 59mm

The weapons featured on the standard M1114 (the M2HB and Mk19) will be replaced with two newer weapons (the M312 and M307, currently known as the XM312 and XM307).

Special Features

Remote Weapons Station (RWS)
The gunner will be able to fire the main weapon from inside the vehicle thus preventing further exposure to enemy fire;
Weapon Add-On
The standard weapons featured on the main M1114 Humvee will be replaced by the newer M307 Grenade Machine Gun and M312 Heavy Machine Gun which will have enhanced accuracy and range.

- Extra M1114 upgrades such as enhanced armor are planned and are still being prepared at this moment.

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