US Army - Basic Infantry

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US Army - Basic Infantry Empty US Army - Basic Infantry

Post  Snake on Tue Feb 24, 2009 6:18 pm

US Army - Basic Infantry

US Army infantry, equipped with the latest military gear and wearing the ACU (Army Combat Uniform).

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The core of the US Forces, infantry will be vital and will be able to carry out many different duties and use diverse armament in order to respond to most situations.
Soldiers will have different faces, skin coloration, gear (weapon attachments, etc.) and firing animations by using randomization (a major logic in TAoW).


As we know, at the moment the US standard Battle Rifle is still to be chosen on a Poll being held on it's specific thread:

Current Top 3 Contenders

US Army - Basic Infantry Question-mark
XM8 (M8)
HK416 (M416)


The poll will finish during the Third Mega Update (in which the winner will be "crowned" and officially announced).

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