A American or Far Eastern Front?

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A American or Far Eastern Front?  Empty A American or Far Eastern Front?

Post  BBarnes005 on Wed Dec 05, 2012 4:04 pm

I'm just wondering, but are there any plans to have maps based in the United States or it's territories(Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands). Because certainly both the European Union and the Russian Federation would probably make attempts to bring the war to the United States in one form or another. I know that the chances of either side being able to successfully launch a full scale invasion of the continental U.S are slim(unless they team up, but that's unlikely considering the story behind the war), but I'm thinking more like raids on major ports or military bases, and possibly an invasion of states like Alaska or Hawaii since both are probably within range of Russian strategic airlifters and both have possible targets like the Alaskan Oil Fields and Pearl Harbor.

Another thing I'm wondering about is the Far-East because I think that Russia would at least attempt to knock out the bases that the United States has in Japan and South Korea or the U.S trying to do the same against the Russians.(---do the Russians even have any major bases in their Far Eastern regions?)


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